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Hi, I am in good shape for my age, I see myself as a very compassionate, caring person who is honest, trustworthy and loyal. I am interested in the way people look at life and view myself as a little alternative. I love a variety of activities, which include waterskiing, weekend getaways, and the beach in the summer, as well as for walks in the winter. Good food, and company are always enticing as are good films. I can cook, have a herb garden and chooks, as well as owning a grown-up suit and sometimes wear it but I do prefer jeans and Ts. I have a son who lives on the other side of the country, with my exwife (divorced about 10 years) I have quite a few friends, and at least half of those would be female however I have not yet found anyone with whom to share my life. I work in health care and have a masters degree. Your age would not be nearly as important as your attitude to life, I am interested in finding a partner for marraige. I am not rich, but I am not poor either. Do it ! Best wishes to all.
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