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I am a new person on this site. I am a man-mystery...And only my woman, my person will be able to solve my riddle...but do not be afraid, I am at the same time very kind, sincere and open person. I am active and communicative. I am always smiling and friends like me a lot for my eternal optimism and positive mood and so appreciate seeing me in their company. People appreciate me also for my ability to help and listen to. I am attentive and sympathizing. I am loving and caring man. If I do something, I put into it my soul and all the efforts. If I love, I am completely devoted to this person. I remember happy moments of my life, but I am also able to forgive and forget. I am a little dreamer. I am still waiting for the soul mate in my life, and I am sure that I will find her. I'm kind, sensitive, sympathetic guy I adore children. I like sunny days, walking in a garden full of red roses. I always follow my dreams and believe in a happy end. I am polite and gentle. I do not like quarrels as I am sure that if there is a true love and respect between two people they can always find a way out of any situation can understand and forgive each other. I can't imagine myself without love: love to my only woman, love to my life. Love is a very special feeling for me. I am searching for my true love, my only one, whom I can give everything I have. May be you are looking for me?
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